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SJIC’s Roblox Class!

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Roblox Creator instructor, Mia Matis, assists a student with his game design.

Are your kids crazy about Roblox? Then they’ll love our Roblox Creator class! This class is for children in grades 3 – 5 who are interested in discovering the logistics of the popular Roblox video game and creating their own!

During each hour-long class, students explore the programming behind Roblox games through a user-friendly software program called Roblox Studio. The software permits students to take 3D models made by other users and use them as platforms in their own games. Think of a model as a flat, gray surface that looks similar to a LEGO floor. On this model, basic building blocks known as “parts” can be added. These can be edited to any size, color, or material; they are what actually gets coded using Script. This feature of Roblox Studio is what allows young builders to get innovative and make the video games their own.  

Now that the logistics of Roblox Studio are covered, let’s talk about what can be created using it. In the past, our students have made many interesting video games – including mazes and parkour games. The possibilities are endless. We can’t wait to see what our students create this semester!

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