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Inside the Math Kangaroo Competition at the SJIC

Children from grades 1 to 12 flooded into the South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) on March 21, 2024 to partake in the competition math enthusiasts would be taking all around the world. And what was this test, exactly? The Math Kangaroo math competition. This competition aims to cultivate a love for problem-solving and critical thinking skills in children of all ages. Here’s how the Math Kangaroo competition went!

With enthusiasm bubbling, 80 participants, more than double the attendance of the previous year, gathered at the SJIC. Each one was greeted with a Math Kangaroo t-shirt before being directed to their assigned testing seat. Once everyone was settled, it was time for the test to begin.

The competition was structured to cater to different age groups. The children in grades 1 to 4 faced 24 multiple choice problems with a 75 minute timeframe, while those in grades 5 through 12 tacked 30 such problems in the same duration. It was a true test of their mathematical prowess, but thanks to the dedicated efforts of the SJIC’s math instructors Tatiana Ter-Saakov and Marcel Bourla, who had meticulously prepared the students for this day, the participants were well-prepared to rise to the challenge. Throughout the competition, everyone put their best forth their best effort. 

The Center takes immense pride in the dedication and hardwork demonstrated by each participant. As results are eagerly awaited, the SJIC looks forward to recognizing outstanding achievement. At the upcoming Math Festival on June 1st, there will be an award ceremony for the the student with the highest score in each grade.

To all the participants, the SJIC extends a heartfelt congratulations!

A premier center for STEAM instruction (including chess, coding, robotics, and 3D printing), SJIC offers challenging math programs for children who love math and are  looking for opportunities to compete in math.