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Computers are incredibly powerful when we know how to use them, and even more so if we know how to create with them. From games to websites to mobile apps, SJIC’s coding and engineering classes let students design the tools that we all work with every day.

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Scratch Visual Programming

Grade 2-5 | Duration: 1 hour

Scratch is a visual programming language developed by MIT Media Lab where kids can easily create and share their interactive stories, animation or simple games. Using simple drag-and-drop programming, students can control their actions and interaction. In the process, they are subtly exposed to basic programming concepts. Students will create a memorable game project. This is the class to stretch the imagination of a budding programmer.

Tuesday 5PM-6PM

Virtual Reality Games

Grades 5+ | Duration: 1 hour

Join our development team and learn how to create and deploy virtual reality games using Unity. The Unity game engine is used by thousands of professional game designers, and we are going to use the very same software, tools, animation techniques and C# scripting to create our very own 3D game! Learn the mechanics and intricacies behind VR, Unity, and how they all work together to create an immersive VR experience. Students will have a fun game to take away after completing this course as well as all of the knowledge needed to keep using Unity to make their very own games at home!

Sunday 11am-12pm