No matter what background your child has with chess they are guaranteed to learn valuable skills with SJIC’s chess program. From just learning how the pieces move to high level tournament play our classes are meant to unlock your child’s full potential in critical and strategic thinking starting at the age of 5!


Introducing the rules of the game, the board, and the pieces as well as basic decision making skills around strategy and tactics. The course focuses on understanding important chess patterns which are used as foundation for further progress.


Develop advanced strategic planning, decision making, and positional play in order to enable players to play competitively against higher rated tournament players.


Applying important chess and objective decision-making approach which allows the player to optimize tactical skills and strategic play. Classes are comprised of 60 minutes of instructions followed by 30 minutes of practice time.

Tuition Includes:

  • US Chess Federation Annual membership
  • South Jersey Chess Club annual membership
  • Gold membership to
  • Chess Steps Workbooks
Women in Space

Women in Space

NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Kristina Koch completed the first ever all women spacewalk outside the International Space Station! Another milestone for women in history has been made. The spacewalk took place on October 18, 2019 at 7:38 am. They went above and...

4 Ways Chess Increases Your Brain Power

4 Ways Chess Increases Your Brain Power

Chess has entered the chat... Everybody knows of the classical game known as chess, but does everyone know that it’s more than just a game to pass time? In this blog, we’ll explain how chess is an exceptionally fun and intriguing way to increase your child’s brain...

The Future of Self-Driving Cars

The Future of Self-Driving Cars

While the invention of the self-driving car was started by older generations it will be up to the next generation of Gen Z and Millennial to take the wheel for future advancement. Studies have shown that humans are more likely to make mistakes while driving than...

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