south jersey innovation center


STEM Fusion 1

Grades 1-3 | Duration: 1 hour

Curiosity peaks when children are faced with using everyday

materials to solve real world problems. Students will be introduced to new challenges each week with hands-on projects that encourage problem solving and collaboration in an interactive learning framework that encourages exploration. Creative problem-solving and unique STEM skills are at the core as students participate in challenging activities that foster a love of science, technology and engineering.

Monday 6PM-7PM

STEM Fusion 2

Grades 4-6 | Duration: 1 hour

Through the completion of hands-on activities and challenges, students are encouraged to be creative problem solvers, critical thinkers and masters of the engineering design process while exploring concepts and questions that may not be covered in traditional science classes. Instructors will guide students as they imagine, plan, design, create, and improve upon their solutions. The emphasis is on practicing with real world examples in a real world environment.

Monday 7PM-8PM

Things that Fly

Grades 1-3 | Duration: 1 hour

Calling all aviation enthusiasts and aspiring engineers! Things that Fly offers hands-on experiences in flight engineering, including building small rockets, creating parachutes, designing paper planes, piloting hot air balloons, flying drones, and much more. Participants will have the chance to learn about how aircraft design is affected by drafts and air currents through engaging and interactive classes. Utilizing engineering principles, participants will also tackle design and piloting challenges, providing a well-rounded understanding of flight engineering. Take your passion for aviation to new heights!

Wednesday 5PM-6PM


Grades 2-4 | Duration: 1 hour

Spherobots is the perfect way for kids to dive into the world of programming. By engaging with the intuitive Scratch coding language, they will learn the fundamentals of coding while also developing problem-solving skills to conquer exciting challenges. Whether it’s guiding the robots through mazes or completing intricate tasks, Spherobots offers an interactive and entertaining learning experience.

Our goal with Spherobots is to provide a hands-on introduction to robotics that lays a solid foundation for real-world applications. As kids navigate through various levels and challenges, they develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, and creativity. Get ready for endless fun!

Wednesday 6PM-7PM

Intro to Robotics

Grades 3-5| Duration: 1 hour

Fun, hands on and stimulating – this program introduces students to programming logic and reasoning using robotics engineering concepts and context. Using the LEGO EV3 platform, students learn core programming skills and utilize that knowledge to complete activities based in real world robot uses. This includes the basics of designing, programming, and controlling a fully functional robot. Students will be coached with mini-challenges and self-assessments as they build toward the final challenge. They’ll brainstorm, plan, test and modify sequences of instructions to accomplish a given task.

Tuesday 6PM-7PM

Intermediate Robotics

Grades 5-8 | Duration: 1 hour

This intermediate level robotics program is designed to test your imagination, creativity, and problem-solving skills by building the ultimate robot to solve a unique task and perform a specific function based on a weekly theme. We are looking for advanced robotic designs, enhanced performance in challenges, and in-depth programming of sensors to showcase your skills in various fields of STEM.

It’s not just about building a robot, it’s about exploring the boundaries of robotics and pushing the limits of what is possible. Instructors will evaluate your creation based on its functionality, creativity, and performance in a variety of challenges. Previous robotics experience is required.

Saturday 1PM-2PM

Electronics Exploration

Grades 4+ | Duration: 1 hour

Are you looking to explore the world of electronics and learn how to design and build amazing projects? Look no further! Our new Electronics Exploration program is the perfect opportunity to unleash your creativity and innovation. You will learn about circuits, sensors, motors, capacitors, voltage, batteries, lighting and sound, and how to use them to bring your ideas to life. Our experienced instructor will guide you through hands-on activities and projects that will help you develop your math skills and engineering knowledge.

Sunday 9:30am-10:30am