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The SJIC’s 6th Annual Math Festival is a Few Weeks Away!

June 1, 2024, is going to be an exciting day for the South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC). Why? It will be the SJIC’s annual Math Festival! 

The event will, of course, be all about math. There will be interactive math activities scattered throughout the Center for children ages six and up to explore. The goal of this event is to inspire the youth to become passionate about math, and also continue to inspire those already passionate about math. The SJIC also hopes to spread awareness about the engaging and educating math programs available at the Center. 

But that’s not all! The SJIC will be hosting an award ceremony to celebrate all of its dedicated mathletes. They have worked hard all year to participate in various math competitions, and the SJIC wants to recognize this. 

And the best part yet? The SJIC is inviting a guest speaker to put on an amazing science show at the very end! It was a hit last year, and it is sure to be a hit this year.

Come join in on the fun! The event is open to the community. 

A premier center for STEAM instruction (including financial literacy, 3D printing, and chess), the SJIC offers classes for kids looking for fun and growth. Keep up to date on the website and social media to know what’s happening at the SJIC!