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3D Printing at SJIC!

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3D printing is a rapidly growing industry. It allows for high quality and cost-effective prototypes without the need for anyone in the middle. Because of this, it is not only a great skill set for manufacturers, but really anyone in the 21st century. In dentistry, they make many 3D printed dental products – including retainers, dentures bases, etc. In construction, they have begun to 3D print houses. It is also great for creating prosthetics!

And so, South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) has implemented a 3D printing program! Taught by instructor Daniel Sorokin, the class is designed to attract young innovators interested in engineering or manufacturing. The students use Fusion360, the new industry standard for Computer Aided Design (CAD). Fusion360 is a software designed to make creating models for 3D printers easy and intuitive. It is used every day by professionals working with 3D printers. 

Our students have created a multitude of items, including 3D printed pumpkins, Legos, pyramids, siphons, and more! With practice, anyone can learn to use a 3D printer to make almost anything! We’re excited to see what our students will be creating next.

A leading center for STEM instruction (including chess, math, engineering and coding), SJIC offers a variety of innovative STEM programs for kids looking for fun and growth.