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Innovative Minds Clash in a 3D Printing Creative Competition

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Andrew (the winner) standing behind his top hat design

In a world of modern technology, 3D printing has really shone through all of the new technological advancements that have come about in the last few decades. And for good reason: it is a popular tool for creativity and innovation–the possibilities are practically endless with it! No surprise South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) loves it. In fact, its very own 3D printing class is thriving. 

Recently, the class had a creative competition between two of the students. The criteria was for the students’ creations to be innovative and display the 3D printing skills they have developed in the class. The students did not disappoint!

One of the two competitors recreated a photograph he saw of a building in Amsterdam. The other student designed a top hat. Behind both designs were two hard working students. 

The judges painstakingly deliberated on which design they preferred… in the end, the top hat won! The top hat truly showcased a difficult (because of the curves towards the top of it), but well-executed design. Congratulations to the student that won!

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