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A Recap of the SJIC at the First Lego League

On January 14, the South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) sent two of its three robotics teams–The Innovators and the Energetic Juniors–to compete in the First Lego League. This event not only was a wonderful experience for all who were involved, but also was an opportunity to showcase all of the hardwork they have been putting in for months. 

Essentially, the First Lego League is a robotics challenge in which its competitors build and design a robot that will complete a themed course full of various tasks it must complete. This year’s theme was MASTERPIECE.

The morning kicked off with practice sessions for robot runs and insightful presentations. In their presentations, they reflected on their season–discussing the highs and lows they encountered along with the design process behind their robot. They also presented their Innovation Project in which they identified real-world problems and developed practical solutions.

Naturally, the highlight of the day was the actual competition. The teams executed three runs on the field, aiming to complete as many tasks as possible within a time frame of 2.5 minutes. This dynamic challenge demanded quick thinking, adaptability, and effective teamwork–skills that are transferable to various aspects of life. According to the judges, the teams also demonstrated teamwork and inclusion.

The SJIC is extremely proud of the immense dedication and innovation its robotics teams have exhibited these last few months as well as for their performance in the competition. The SJIC is excited to see what the next season of robotics will bring!

The SJIC offers STEAM instruction (including financial literacy, mathematics, and chess), for kids looking for fun and growth.