south jersey innovation center

New Class Alert: LEGO Builders!

As the South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) steps into its late winter session, the SJIC is excited to announce its latest offering: LEGO Builders!

With a tailored approach to learning, the SJIC’s Lego Builders class offers two levels to cater to children in different age groups. The first level caters to students in grades one through three, while the second level welcomes those in grades four through six. This guarantees that each child receives instruction appropriate for his or her age level. 

What sets this program apart is its hands-on approach to learning. No matter the level of the class, the theme will be amusement park attractions. From constructing intricate Carousels to crafting Pirate Ships and Drop Towers, every project  ignites their planning and imagination skills. 

But there’s more to LEGO Builders than just building. Each creation serves as a gateway to understanding the fascinating principles of physics and mathematics. It is a class that not only sparks curiosity but also lays the foundation for future STEAM learning.

And let the convenience factor not be forgotten–all materials are provided! And so, as the late winter session unfolds, the SJIC invites young builders to join this new and exciting class!

The SJIC offers STEAM instruction (including financial literacy, 3D printing, and chess), for kids looking for fun and growth. Register here for the SJIC’s late winter classes.