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Summer Camp Recap: Flight Engineering

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With summer now in full force, parents and guardians are on the lookout for engaging and educational activities for children. For those with young aviators and aerospace lovers, South Jersey Innovation Center’s (SJIC) Flight Engineering Summer Camp is an opportunity like no other. The thrilling camp combines fun, education, and hands-on experiences, providing kids with an unforgettable journey into the world of aviation and flight engineering.

This camp is designed for children between the ages of 8 through 14 who have a passion for flight, space, and engineering. The camp aims to inspire and nurture young minds, encouraging them to pursue careers in the ever-expanding aerospace industry.

Camp Directors Jimmy Currafi and Matt Olivo jam packed the week with tons of activities and lessons. From mastering the art of paper airplane making to learning the logistics and mathematics behind a rocket take off, the campers were always STEMulated. 

And to finally close the week off, SJIC invited guest speakers to talk about careers in the aerospace industry, and also shared their personal experiences working in it. The children also got the opportunity to see a rocket propulsion experiment in a real lab.

A leading provider of STEM enrichment activities, SJIC offers the following Summer Camps: STEM Fusion, Scratch Coding and 3D Printing, Explorations in Electronics, Chess Openings, and Chess Strategy. Interested in signing up? Register Here.