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Discover the World of 3D Art at SJIC

Art offers a multitude of benefits to individuals and communities, providing a unique avenue for expressing thoughts, emotions, and experiences that often elude words. It nurtures creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking while fostering a profound sense of community and connection among artists and art enthusiasts. In all its diverse forms, art boasts incredible advantages, which is precisely why the South Jersey Innovation center (SJIC) holds its “3D Sculptures” class in high regard.

This class serves as a creative incubator for young aspiring artists, guiding them in exploring and crafting remarkable three-dimensional works of art, including paper sculptures, paper mache, decoupage, origami, and more. What makes this class truly exceptional is not the exceptional sculptures it produces, but also the fact that all of the necessary tools and materials are readily available, ensuring that every student has the means to bring their artistic visions to life. From the precise folds of origami to the versatility of paper mache and the intricate techniques of decoupage, a world of artistic possibilities awaits the students. 

Art is not just about creating; it is also about connecting. Enrolling in SJIC’s “3D Sculptures” class means joining a vibrant community of young creatives who share a passion for art.

SJIC offers STEAM instruction (including financial literacy, robotics, and chess), for kids looking for fun and growth. Register here for SJIC’s fall classes.