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An Interview with Computer Science Student on AI

In the past year, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has experienced significant progress. It has led to substantial changes to various industries as well as just being a new and interesting technology. Therefore, the South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) decided to interview its robotics instructor Jimmy Cuffari, a computer science major at Rowan University, to explore the multifaceted aspects of these recent AI advancements. In this interview, the SJIC will be aiming to provide a brief overview for what he thinks is the biggest positive and negative associated with AI technology.

Cuffari believes there is both good and bad that comes with AI. On the good side, he says, “it is useful for increasing the efficiency of anywhere you’d use automation.” AI learns from new data, so it can actively respond to issues happening in production–for example. There are a lot of applications in manufacturing and tracking, and this can all be applied together to get better systems.

However, AI does have its disadvantages. Cuffari reflects that “it’s cool when it’s used as a tool, but when it’s used for creative endeavors, it takes a lot of job opportunities away from artists and other creatives.” When AI is employed for creative tasks, like generating art or making music, it takes away from the years of practice and skill refining human artists work tirelessly for. 

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