south jersey innovation center

3D Printing is Back at the SJIC!

After a brief recess, the South Jersey Innovation Center’s 3D Printing class is back! This class is an amazing opportunity for students to test their creativity and innovation while also seeing tangible results.

Through a computer program called Tinkercad, students will be able to design their very own creations. The design process itself teaches the students a multitude of skills for the 21st century–including computer literacy and problem-solving skills. Still, the students’ favorite part by far is watching their masterpieces come to life in the 3D printer. In the past, they have printed pyramids, siphons, and Legos!

3D printing goes beyond just being a fun hobby, though. It is a rapidly growing industry. From creating prosthetics to building houses, 3D printing has proved to be quite useful to the 21st century. 

The SJIC offers STEAM instruction (including financial literacy, robotics, and chess), for kids looking for fun and growth. Register here for the SJIC’s winter classes.