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Summer Camp Recap: Robotics and Engineering

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In a world where the need for technology and innovation continues to grow, the demand for skilled individuals in the fields of robotics and engineering also continues to grow. This is why South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) has taken the initiative of organizing an exceptional Robotics and Engineering Summer Camp. This camp is all about LEGO robotics!

In just a week, the campers learned the fundamentals of robot construction, mechanics, and how to program with LEGO Mindstorm EV3. With a little practice and patience, the campers’ robots successfully navigated obstacles and completed dozens of increasingly difficult tasks. All of this was done in hopes of preparing for the Camp Instructors’, Jimmy Curafi and Matt Olivo, challenge of competing in a BattleBot tournament. 

Beyond the academic realm, the camp emphasizes the importance of team building and social interaction. Various team challenges and games are organized, encouraging campers to collaborate, communicate, and build friendships.

A leading provider of STEM enrichment activities, SJIC offers the following Summer Camps: Explorations in Electronics, Chess Openings, and Chess Strategy. Interested in signing up? Register Here.