south jersey innovation center

Robotics Fun for Kids: Spherobots

There is a new and fun robotics class at South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC)… Spherobots! Spherobots are a programmable sphere-shaped robot that rolls around. Through an application called “Sphero Edu,” you can use basic block code–known as Scratch coding–to give the robot commands. Spherobots are the perfect way to enter into the robotics and coding world. 

A key part of the class is learning how to do entry level coding. Instructor Jimmy Cuffari, a computer science student at Rowan University, takes his students through Scratch, an intuitive and beginner friendly coding language that is perfect for kids. Through Scratch, children can easily grasp concepts like loops, conditionals, and variables, but in a manageable way. 

With the code the students create, they are able to complete a wide range of exciting challenges designed to keep them entertained while they learn. From intricate mazes to complex tasks, they always have a ton of fun finding new innovative ways to move their Spherbot around, and put their coding skills to the test. 

SJIC offers STEAM instruction (including math, creative design, and chess), for kids looking for fun and growth. Register here for SJIC’s fall classes.