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Drones at SJIC!

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This April, South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) will be offering a Spring Break Drone Camp. On top of this, we will be having a week of Drone Camp this summer. But why does SJIC even care about drones?

Well, drones are innovative, which SJIC loves. A drone is an unpiloted aircraft. As the name suggests, there is not an actual human inside of the drone while it is being flown. Instead, the pilot remains on the ground and operates it through a remote control. Many know drones for their ability to capture bird’s-eye view photos. From filming sports like football and soccer games to being used in military combat, drones can give us a new perspective and provide details that cannot be seen from the ground. All the while recording the action below. 

Drones’ popularity has increased dramatically in recent years because of their versatility – plus, they are just entertaining to fly and a cool hobby. If you’ve never tried it before, piloting a drone can be challenging. Luckily, at SJIC we have several types of drones plus the patience and are happy to teach you. Students rave about our Drone Obstacle Course that allows them to test their new skills and have a blast doing it. Will you become a drone enthusiast? Give it a try!

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