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Coding at SJIC!

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CODE – it’s everywhere around us. Video games, websites, robotic vacuum cleaners, 3D printers – anything automated really — need coding in order to work. It is the language of the STEM community and the 21st century.
SJIC’s Roblox Creator class uses coding to create their Roblox games, our 3D Printer Class uses coding to create their student-designed objects, while our Scratch Visual Programming, Python Programming, and Virtual Reality (VR) using Unity coding classes teach children of varying levels the art of game programming.
Scratch Visual Programming is geared towards children interested in dipping their toes into the world of coding with block coding. The name really speaks for itself, but block coding consists of actual pieces of code condensed into drag and drop blocks. Over the course of several weeks students will create simple games as they learn about coding concepts like variables, loops, and conditional statements. Students always have a blast designing their Scratch characters and environments, and, of course, playing the games they created through their hard work. This program is perfect for young coders who are just starting out.
Python Programming is a great next step for coders ready to graduate from block coding. Obviously, this program class utilizes Python to code, but we do so through an online application called Reeborg’s World. In short, Reeborg’s World consists of a robot (Reeborg) that must be coded with the aim of completing a variety of missions. Each mission introduces a new coding concept, such as functions.
SJIC’s Virtual Reality program was created with intermediate coding students in mind. Students in this program use Unity Engine to create their own games. This involves creating scripts in C# to control game elements like the player, enemies, and objectives. By the end of each session the games are adapted for VR so they can be played in a VR headset.
It is always fascinating to see what our young coders create each session!

A leading center for STEM instruction (including chess, math, and 3D printing), SJIC offers a variety of innovative STEM programs for kids looking for fun and growth.