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Importance of Teamwork

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In the 21st century, teamwork is a vital skill to have in the workplace and beyond. Collaborating with others can increase one’s empathy and encourage thinking outside of the box and develop better communication skills. More brains collaborating on problems means more innovation – something we at SJIC love! Additionally, teamwork fosters the development of leadership skills, interpersonal skills, good sportsmanship, speaking skills, and listening skills. 

All of which is amazing, but is not something that is acquired overnight. It takes time to learn how to efficiently and effectively work with others. 

Luckily, many of SJIC’s classes promote the use of teamwork. The robotics team is constantly working together to build robots for competitions, the design team must work together to create games, the 3D printing class collaborates to design items, and the chess classes work together to get better at chess (okay, the chess players try to beat each other, but iron sharpens iron!).

A leading center for STEM instruction (including math, computing, and robotics), SJIC offers superb instructional chess programs, 3D printing classes, and coding classes for both children and adults.