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A Preview of the Dr. Leroy Dubeck Cup

Get your chess boards ready and mark your calendars, as the South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) is all set to host the annual Dr. Leroy Dubeck Cup this weekend! Also known as the South Jersey Open, this chess tournament is an absolute must for all chess players. 

The Dubeck Cup stands as one of the SJIC’s foremost chess events, attracting attention far and wide. Last year, the tournament boasted an impressive lineup featuring esteemed Grandmasters Abhimanyu Mishra and Fidel Corrales Jimenez, International Masters Eddy Tian and Nikoloz Managadze, and–of course–master Dr. Leroy Dubeck himself. The SJIC expects a very similar turnout this year. 

This year’s tournament will be divided into three sections: the open section, the under 1800 section, and the under 1400 section. Each division will compete not only for glory, but also for substantial cash prizes. The most coveted of these cash prices is the $500 reward for the first-place victor in the open section.

The SJIC’s Dr. Leroy Dubeck Cup is not merely a competition; it is an opportunity for chess enthusiasts to engage, learn, and connect with other players. Join us at the SJIC for an amazing tournament!

 A leading center for STEAM instruction (including math, creative design, and robotics), the SJIC offers superb instructional chess programs for both children and adults. The SJIC hosts official rated chess tournaments every other Sunday, rated rapid tournaments every Wednesday night, and chess club every Friday night. Check out our other blogs here and register for the tournament here.