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Join us on Friday, October 25th 6:30-9:00pm for our first ever Parent’s Night Out. We’ll keep your children fed and entertained while you do whatever. Pizza, snacks, cool and spooky STEM activities. Cost: $30/child. Tell your friends. Ages 8-12. Register online by Wednesday, October 23rd at the center. Advanced registration required. No Walk Ins.

Notes from 3D Drawing

Emphasizing two of the key elements of design- color and value, our Saturday art students are working on striking floral images with color pencils...

Workshop: 3D Printing – Feb 24th

Discover the fascinating design capabilities made possible with 3D printing. Students will learn the basic concepts of the 3D printing process and will use...

Notes from Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality development teams are working with their coach/instructors to complete their assigned game projects in time for the game’s unveiling at Open House...

Notes from Chess Intermediate

Intermediate level chess students learn tactical ideas and then put them to use in rated games that require them to record each move. Each...

“Just for Girls” Chess Workshop – Mar 30th

Saturday, March 30 10:00 am - 12:00 pm Learn the basics, improve your game, and meet other girls who love chess. The workshop will be hosted...

Notes from Intermediate Chess

Intermediate level chess students learn the three principles of opening play. They can hardly wait to put their new strategies into practice. Chess students also...

Bottle Rockets – Brain Game Olympics

Friday’s bottle rocket launchers were not disappointed to see their rockets shoot really, really high in the sky. They made minor adjustments as they...

Notes from Camp: Bottle Rockets

What do bottle rockets, chess, the stock market and reading Braille have in common? Not much unless you’re spending the day at Camp Innovation!

Notes from Camp: Designing Gliders

Engineering campers designed and tested two different glider designs. The challenge was to fly accurately through a suspended hoop. Easier said than done but...


Notes from 4th Annual Math Festival

Math lovers young and old enjoyed an afternoon of STEM activities at our 4th annual Math Festival and Open House. We proudly honored the...

4th Annual Math Festival – June 9th

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Notes from Math Gr 1-2

First and second grade Enrichment Math students get hands on experience with math using a balance and weights to reinforce new concepts.


Notes from Camp: Game Programming

Our STEM campers proudly presented the games they created this week in Game Programming camp. Each camper explained the logic and features of their...

Notes from Camp: Coding

Week 2 campers were introduced to scratch programming and they then designed a controller to control their program. Our afternoon art lesson on optical...

Notes from Scratch Coding

These beginning scratch students are learning how to make their own games with varied levels and objectives.

Notes from Camp: Young Investors

Today at Camp Innovation guest speaker Liam Narozanick discussed investment banking and Pepsi’s recent acquisition of the Sodastream company. We got insights on how...

Notes from Camp: Young Investors

We’re learning how the stock market works, studying the billionaires and watching our portfolios like hawks. After all, there’s a trophy at stake! But...

South Jersey Innovation Center At-A-Glance

At the South Jersey Innovation Center, we help children develop life skills, critical thinking and creativity through well-designed STEAM programs and activities for students of all levels starting at 6 years old. Children are invited into an environment where they can enjoy the power of analytical reasoning through exploration of advanced engineering, math, chess and their practical applications in the modern world. Building on children’s innate curiosity, we lead them to learn beyond the scope of the school curriculum. This enrichment gained from stimulating STEAM and innovation education is essential for developing the basic analytical, problem solving and critical thinking skills central to academic achievement and workforce readiness in the 21st century.

Seeds for Growth

• Academic Advancement
• Time Management and Prioritization
• Critical Thinking, Reasoning and Logic
• Teamwork Building
• Goal Setting and Measurement
• Interest Exploration
• Contribution Fulfillment
• Fair Competition
• Self-Esteem Enhancement

Invest in the Future

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