Spring Break Drone Camp – Register Now!

Learn to fly and then test your skills on a challenging camper-designed obstacle course. Register now to save your spot. Camp runs April 3-4.

SJIC’s New Short Video Editing Class

Often when we talk about movies or television shows, we talk about the acting and cinematography in them. What is not as often talked about, though, is the editing that went on behind the scenes to create these films. Without editors spending hours upon hours...

SJIC’s 10th Annual Super Bowl Pre-game Chess Tournament

For most, February 12, 2023, was a day specially reserved for the Super Bowl. However, for chess enthusiasts at South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC), the big day started off with a chess tournament – naturally!  This is SJIC’s 10th year of hosting the pre-Super Bowl...

Drones at SJIC!

This April, South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) will be offering a Spring Break Drone Camp. On top of this, we will be having a week of Drone Camp this summer. But why does SJIC even care about drones? Well, drones are innovative, which SJIC loves. A drone is an...

Coding at SJIC!

CODE - it’s everywhere around us. Video games, websites, robotic vacuum cleaners, 3D printers – anything automated really — need coding in order to work. It is the language of the STEM community and the 21st century. SJIC’s Roblox Creator class uses coding to create...

STEM Fusion Class at SJIC

At SJIC our staff loves everything and anything STEM related. They recognize the important role STEM plays in society today, especially because in the last few decades, careers in STEM have exploded. Doctors, chemists, web developers, statisticians, and many more...

Grandmaster Alex Lenderman is Visiting SJIC

If you have ever played a chess game before, you can attest to the difficulty of this thought-provoking game. Now, imagine playing two, three, or even ten chess games at once. Insanity, right? Not for someone like Grandmaster Aleksandr Lenderman. (pictured above)...

Who We Are

South Jersey Innovation Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and activities to the South Jersey area. 

Intro video by SJIC student Avery!


March 13 – June 10 | Session 4 Classes

March 26 | SJIC Spring Scholastic Play’n Go

March 26 | SJIC Spring Super Quads

April 3 – April 4 | Spring Break Drone Camp

April 16 | South Jersey K-8 Scholastic Championship

May 7 | 2023 New Jersey Senior Championship

May 21 | 2023 NJ State South Individual Grades K-5 Qualifier

May 21 | 2023 NJ State South Individual Grades 6-8 Qualifier

May 21 | 2023 NJ State South Individual Grades 9-12 Qualifier

May 21 | 2023 NJ State South Individual Girls K-12 Qualifier

June 14 | South Jersey International (GM/IM Norms)

June 26 – September 1 | Summer STEM Camps

Ask us about private lessons!

Interested in personalized instruction in math or chess? One-on-one lessons with our friendly, experienced tutors help students advance at a faster pace and focus on their personal goals.

Contact info@incntr.com for more information or to sign up!

Contact Us

Email: info@incntr.com

Phone: 856-724-2496

20000 Horizon Way, Suite 600A
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054



What Parents are Saying

“Chase was so excited! We came home and he went right to the computer. He said, “I think I’m going to do a live demo and show me creating on Blender.” It was life changing for him. A whole new world has opened up.

Doreen M.

Medford, NJ

“SJIC has become a second family. The atmosphere is extremely inviting and friendly, a place where your kid belongs. Highly recommend chess lessons or any other classes where kids can have fun and use their brains!”

Katie G.

Voorhees, NJ