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STEAM Summer Camp Programs

Summer is the time for exploration and discovery! ☀️🔬 Our STEAM Camp offers a world of creativity and innovation in science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Early bird registration is open now. Save your spot for a summer filled with learning and fun! . With several camps to choose from, there are exciting options for children ages 8-14. 

Each Innovation STEM Enrichment Camp provides a full week of interesting and challenging, skill building activities. Curious children will delight in exploring these STEAMulating topics

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Math Madness & Machines in Motion

June 24-28

Immerse yourself in “Math Madness,” where fun and numbers meet to solve engaging puzzles and challenges. This camp isn’t just about working through problems; it’s an adventure filled with hands-on engineering projects that leverage math in exciting ways. Get ready to stretch your imagination and sharpen your problem-solving skills as you design and build innovative creations. Every day is a new opportunity to explore the fascinating world of engineering and discover how cool and fun math can be.

Roblox Creators & 3D Art

July 8-12

Unlock your creative potential with “Roblox Creators & 3D Art,” a program that brings together the best of digital and physical art. As a Roblox Creator, dive into the world of game design, where you’ll craft your own games and stories. Switch gears to explore 3D Art, creating everything from paper sculptures to origami. This camp is perfect for kids who love to build, design, and express themselves in both the digital space and the real world.

Flight Engineering & Weather Report

July 15-19

Explore the skies with “Flight Engineering & Weather Report,” a dynamic week-long camp for ages 8-14. Delve into aerospace by building rockets and piloting drones, then switch to unraveling the secrets of weather through engaging experiments. This camp offers hands-on learning in flight mechanics and meteorology, perfect for young explorers eager to understand the forces of nature and technology. Join us for a journey that merges the excitement of engineering with the mystery of atmospheric science in a fun and interactive environment.

Minecraft Adventures & Lego Builders

July 22-26

Join “Minecraft Adventures & Lego Builders” for a journey through virtual and real-world building. Start in the limitless world of Minecraft, creating and exploring your own adventures. Then, bring your ideas to life with LEGO, constructing models that reflect your digital designs. This camp encourages teamwork, creativity, and the joy of building, making it an unforgettable experience for gamers and builders alike.


July 29 – August 2

Dive into the world of “Robotics” where creativity meets technology. This camp is all about bringing your ideas to life as you design, build, and program robots. Whether you’re navigating mazes or competing in challenges, you’ll learn valuable skills in engineering and coding. It’s a hands-on experience that introduces you to the exciting possibilities of robotics, encouraging teamwork and innovative thinking along the way.

Coding Camp

August 5-9

Explore the world of coding with “Coding Camp,” where you’ll use Scratch to bring your stories and ideas to digital life. This camp makes coding accessible and fun, allowing you to create games, animations, and interactive projects. It’s a great way to learn the basics of computer programming and digital creativity in an environment that encourages exploration and expression.

Filmmaking (Storyboarding, Props, Video Editing)

August 12-16

Discover the art of filmmaking, from the initial idea to the final edit. In this camp, you’ll learn how to craft stories, develop characters, and use video editing tools to bring your films to life. It’s a comprehensive look at the filmmaking process, offering hands-on experience in directing, editing, and production. Perfect for future filmmakers ready to tell their stories.

Chess Camp 1 & 2

August 19-23

August 26-30

“Chess Camp 1 & 2” offer a deep dive into the world of chess, catering to all skill levels. The first camp focuses on learning the game’s fundamentals, including openings and essential tactics. The second camp advances to strategy and decision-making, helping you improve your play. Both sessions are designed to build your skills through practical play, puzzles, and theory, enhancing your chess knowledge and competitive edge.

These programs are designed to spark curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning in a fun and engaging environment. Join us this summer for an adventure in innovation and discovery at the South Jersey Innovation Center.