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Financial Literacy

Learn Key Concepts of Financial Literacy & Investment Strategy One of our most popular classes, the Stock Market Challenge helps children learn about the business world, markets and decision-making tools in a fun way. The 8-week contest provides students with $1 million to invest in a mix of U.S. and global companies.
They can choose a variety of companies then reflect on their investment and trading decisions. Each week, the class addresses fundamental business and investment concepts as well as the impact of technology, innovation, politics and more.

The Stock Market Challenge teaches kids key concepts of financial literacy including:

Business Concepts: • Business Models • Financial Analysis • Revenue and Expense • Sales, Profit and Loss • Cash Flow • Market Concepts • Markets and Market Dynamics • Valuations and Risks • Equity and Debt • Stocks and Bonds

Financial Literacy News

Notes from Camp: Young Investors

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Notes from Camp: Young Investors

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