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Women in Space

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NASA astronauts Jessica Meir and Kristina Koch completed the first ever all women spacewalk outside the International Space Station! Another milestone for women in history has been made.

The spacewalk took place on October 18, 2019 at 7:38 am. They went above and beyond their expectations during their seven hours and twelve minute spacewalk. Their tasks were to replace a failed power charging component which regulates the charge to the batteries that collect and distribute power to solar panels which orbit the lab. Not only were they able to complete this task, they were able to get ahead on tasks that were scheduled to be completed in 2020. Over lookers are excited that this expedition went exceptionally well, and hope this will continue to progress women’s confidence and reputation as time goes on.

Meir and Koch have been training for six years to go on this expedition! Meir explains she feels grateful and wants to give credit to women astronauts who have set foot in space before them. Koch also explains that she hopes she can become another inspiration for women and believe it’s important to motivate them in achieving their goals.

What Does This Mean?

Women and girls are becoming more educated and knowledgeable with the recent tools available. Women are rapidly making history within the last century while taking a stand for what they believe in. The outcome is influencing and motivating other women and girls who want to do the same.

Jessica Mier and Kristina Koch are admired for their hard work and effort by thousands of people, and we believe that anyone can become an inspiration with dedication and ambition.

The SJIC empowers girls to become confident and knowledgeable with the classes they offer. The SJIC wants girls to understand that they can do anything they set their mind to while aiding them towards that goal. It’s not uncommon to hear that girls are shying away from STEM related interests and the SJIC wants to encourage them to take advantage of what we have to offer. There are limitless opportunities, and you want to take advantage of these opportunities now.