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What SJIC’s Innovators Have Been Up To

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A robotics team for children is a platform that ignites young minds with a fascination for technology and innovation. This is the reason South Jersey Innovation Center’s (SJIC) robotics team, the Innovators, is still hard at work even months after their season has ended. This team serves as a nurturing ground where budding engineers and programmers come together to explore the captivating world of robotics. Guided by instructor Matthew Olivo, the children not only learn the fundamental concepts of robotics, but also engage in hands-on activities that sharpen their problem-solving abilities.

Most recently, the team did a four week mini competition called the First Lego League Challenge. It served as an emulation of the upcoming competition in August–also known as the First Lego League Challenge. The Innovators spent weeks tinkering with and programming their robot.

In the end, they all got to present their results. While all of the Innovators did well on their presentation, a winner still had to be decided. And it was… Allen! He demonstrated an impressive level of skill in all of the evaluated categories. 

Now, it is on to the next robotics project. 

A leading center for STEM instruction (including math, 3D printing, and chess), SJIC offers a rapidly-growing robotics program for children.


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