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Focusing on the fundamentals of mathematics through problem solving and reasoning. Students will be placed in a class based off their grade level to ensure they are working in a collaborative environment with other peers at their level.

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From just learning how the pieces move to high level tournament play, unlock your child’s full potential in critical and strategic thinking.

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New challenges in engineering and robotics that encourages problem solving and collaboration in an interactive and explorative learning framework.

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From games to websites to mobile apps, SJIC’s coding classes let students design the tools that we all work with every day.

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Creative Design

From 3-D modeling characters to coding your own game there is plenty you can do through a fusion of design and STEM learning.

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Financial Literacy

We teach fundamental business and investment concepts as well as the impact of technology and innovation on our current markets through various projects.

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20000 Horizon Way, Suite 600A
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054


Phone: 856-7242496

Summer Camps

June 27 – September 2


Spring Semester

May 16 – June 20

Summer Camps

Chess: Opening Strategy
June 27 – July 1

Chess: Middlegame Strategy I
July 11 – July 15

BattleBots: EV3 Robotics
July 18 – July 22

CYO Minecraft World in Unity!
July 25 – July 29

Flight Engineering
August 1 – August 5

Battle of the Bands
August 8 – August 12

CSI: Mt. Laurel
August 15 – August 19

Chess: Middlegame Strategy II
August 22 – August 26

Chess: Endgame Strategy
August 29 – September 2

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SJIC’s New Short Video Editing Class

SJIC’s New Short Video Editing Class

Often when we talk about movies or television shows, we talk about the acting and cinematography in them. What is not as often talked about, though, is the editing that went on behind the scenes to create these films. Without editors spending hours upon hours...

SJIC’s 10th Annual Super Bowl Pre-game Chess Tournament

SJIC’s 10th Annual Super Bowl Pre-game Chess Tournament

For most, February 12, 2023, was a day specially reserved for the Super Bowl. However, for chess enthusiasts at South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC), the big day started off with a chess tournament – naturally!  This is SJIC’s 10th year of hosting the pre-Super Bowl...


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What Parents are Saying

“Innovation Center is truly an amazing place. The instructors really care about each and every child’s development, take the time to get to know them and help them reach their full potential. All while having fun. I highly recommend the classes here.” -Nancy S.

“My bright Daughter has finally found her ‘place’. The South Jersey Innovation Center has provided her with a community that facilitates her learning style and expectations. The staff is friendly and great with the children. This has become her first place to go and my favorite place to take her.” – Raj R.