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Summer Camp Recap: Math Madness & Machines in Motion

Summer camps are renowned for providing grade school children with entertainment (and maybe giving their parents a break, too). But what if you were told there’s a camp that provides both fun and education? Welcome to the Math Madness and Machines in Motion Summer Camp at the South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC)!

All week, camp instructors Tatiana Ter-Saakov and Polina Oreshko worked hard to ensure the campers were kept busy with lots of activities. To keep everyone engaged, there were many games and hands-on experiments. Some of these included creating roller coasters out of paper, completing math challenge problems, and even participating in a math tournament. 

The week culminated with an awards ceremony that celebrated all of the campers’ achievements they had made.

By blending fun with education, the campers discovered the exciting side of math and machines beyond the traditional classroom setting. With constant engagement and innovative activities, the SJIC ensured every moment was filled with discovery, joy, and friendship. A leading provider of STEAM enrichment activities, SJIC offers the following Summer Camps: Roblox Creators & 3D Art, Flight Engineering & Weather Report, Minecraft Adventures & Lego Builders, Robotics, Coding with  Scratch, Filmmaking, Chess Camp 1, and Chess Camp 2. Interested in signing up? Register here.