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STEM Fusion Class at SJIC

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STEM Fusion 2 students measure twice and cut once as they build light-weight aircraft.

At SJIC our staff loves everything and anything STEM related. They recognize the important role STEM plays in society today, especially because in the last few decades, careers in STEM have exploded. Doctors, chemists, web developers, statisticians, and many more professionals utilize some aspect of STEM throughout their work day. Clearly, STEM is essential to the 21st century. 

Our STEM Fusion classes are sure to get kids hooked on STEM at an early age. Two levels are offered; Stem Fusion 1 introduces STEM to children in first through third grade, while STEM Fusion 2 offers more challenging projects for children in fourth through sixth grade. Both offer fun-filled STEM activities that allow students hand-on experiences.

No matter the level, the class’s objective is to foster a greater understanding for what STEM is all about. Our instructor Diamonik Hough always has an interactive and educational lesson planned. For example, if a lesson is about aerospace, the students would be invited to create their own airplanes and to experiment with different materials and shapes to discover which creates the longest flight time. 

 A leading center for STEM instruction (including chess, math, and 3D printing), SJIC offers a variety of innovative STEM programs for kids looking for fun and growth.