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SJIC’s New Short Video Editing Class

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Often when we talk about movies or television shows, we talk about the acting and cinematography in them. What is not as often talked about, though, is the editing that went on behind the scenes to create these films. Without editors spending hours upon hours perfecting the videos we love so much, there would be no music, special effects, transitions, or other signature features of film in anything we watch. Editing is what truly makes a great video great. 

South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) is excited to offer a new short video editing program. Students will learn how to add flair to their own short videos through editing. The class will utilize DaVinci Resolve, a free editing software similar to Adobe Premiere Pro. Instructor Mia Matis will take her students through the creative process used by professional editors. This will include storyboarding and filming and editing their own video clips. 

We can hardly wait for our creative students to show their final projects in their last class! Roll out the red carpet!

Short Video Editing is offered THIS SESSION, Tuesdays from 6:00-7:00 p.m for grades 5+! Register now or view our other classes here.

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