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SJIC is Busy Preparing for the Upcoming Math Kangaroo Competition!

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South Jersey Innovation Center’s (SJIC) math students are busy working hard to prepare for the upcoming Math Kangaroo Competition! 

Taking place at SJIC on Thursday, March 16 2023, the competition’s test will consist of unusual and challenging problems designed to get children ages 7 to 18 excited about math. Students in grades 1 to 4 are given 75 minutes to complete 24 multiple choice problems, while students in grades 5 to 12 are given 75 minutes to complete 30 multiple choice questions. The test is a great opportunity for SJIC Innovators to put their hard-earned math skills to work in a friendly competition. 

To prepare, SJIC math students took a practice test for the competition on Saturday, January 7. This gave the Innovators a sense of what the questions and competition will be like on the big day.

We are looking forward to sharing the competition results and will post them to our blog as soon as they are available. Stay posted!

A leading center for STEM instruction (including chess, coding, robotics, and 3D printing), SJIC offers challenging math programs for children who love math and are  looking for opportunities to compete in mathematics. SJIC periodically hosts math competitions and other special events.


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