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The Future of Self-Driving Cars

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While the invention of the self-driving car was started by older generations it will be up to the next generation of Gen Z and Millennial to take the wheel for future advancement.

Studies have shown that humans are more likely to make mistakes while driving than automated vehicles. For example, a chunk of the accidents that happen involving self driving cars are other human driven vehicles colliding with them. Secondly, many drivers are distracted while behind the wheel, while the automated vehicles main priority is to drive and arrive at the destination safely. While there are bugs and glitches that can happen with the vehicle, engineers are continuing to resolve the issue while distracted drivers don’t seem to be.

Self driving cars come with an extensive amount of careful engineering behind the scenes. As engineering careers continue to grow in demand, kids should learn the basics about engineering as it is not only fun to learn, it will benefit them in the future. They could even design their own self driving car! The possibilities are endless when it comes to engineering.

Waymo and AAA teamed up together to figure out the unique perspective from kids on self driving cars. Waymo invited kids to watch demonstrations of what different situations look like and how the technology behind self driving cars deal with them. Waymo asked the students what they thought about safety, and how they can improve it. One elementary school student said it “would definitely be a lot safer since the people who are distracted aren’t in control.” It’s this kind of perspective Waymo says it wants to hear to ensure it remains focused on the top safety priorities.

Here’s some exciting news about self driving vehicles:
California, Nevada and Florida have made self-driving cars legal. India with the highest density population are hopefully next on the list.

Google’s first model car has driven more than 300,000 miles of technology-led driving and earned great remarks from a large number of supporters.

In 2012, Google also tried to explore the option of allowing disabled individuals to operate their vehicles.

Traffic jams can be resolved, allowing a faster arrival time. You can save money on valets!

Public transportation (buses and taxis) will be more punctual to save consumers the stress of waiting due to a delay or being late to work!

In many places, the traffic is rowdy and drivers don’t obey the traffic rules. The high-tech driverless cars would take out the chances of any human error on the roads and save lives.