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Friday Night Chess is Back!

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Do you love chess? Is South Jersey Innovation Center’s (SJIC) Wednesday night Chess Club not enough? Well, you are in luck! Following on the success of SJIC’s Wednesday night Chess Club, SJIC has now added back by popular demand a second Chess Club night on Fridays. 

Organized by Anand Mishra, the goal for Friday night chess is to have a relaxed and slower-paced environment for chess lovers of all ages and levels. Each night will feature a “Game of the Week” presentation by SJIC’s own FIDE Master Dov Gorman. Once the presentation is over, players are encouraged to engage in casual games of chess or even slow G/60 rated games on a one-on-one basis (any two players who want to can play each other a slow rated game). Players may also do chess puzzles together, or analyze their games. 

It will be a blast. Come and enjoy! Chess anyone?

A leading center for STEM instruction (including math, computing, and robotics), SJIC offers superb instructional chess programs for both children and adults. SJIC hosts official rated chess tournaments every other Sunday and rated rapid tournaments every Wednesday night.