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Engineering & Robotics

Design. Build. Create.

Design. Build. Create.

At SJIC students are introduced to new challenges in engineering and robotics that encourages problem solving and collaboration in an interactive and explorative learning framework.

We offer programs in...


Design, build, and program robots to complete missions


Engineering and Science collide to create practical machines with real applications


Build a variety of airborne vehicles with hands on projects and watch them fly.


Work with low-voltage electricity to build electromagnets, working flashlights and more.


Explore hardware and software engineering with hands on projects using Makey Makey kits and Scratch coding to program them.


Examine the impact Civil Engineers have had on the world around them while learning about the forces of tension, compression, torsion, and shear


Explore alternative energies: wind, solar, electric, hydrogen…for a cleaner environment. Lots of hands on projects!

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Engineering & Robotics News

Bottle Rockets – Brain Game Olympics

Friday’s bottle rocket launchers were not disappointed to see their rockets shoot really, really high in the sky. They made minor adjustments as they...

Notes from Camp: Bottle Rockets

What do bottle rockets, chess, the stock market and reading Braille have in common? Not much unless you’re spending the day at Camp Innovation!

Notes from Camp: Designing Gliders

Engineering campers designed and tested two different glider designs. The challenge was to fly accurately through a suspended hoop. Easier said than done but...

Notes from Camp: Toxic Marshmallow Challenge

We did some major problem solving as we brainstormed to save the Earth in the Toxic Marshmallow Challenge. Teams presented their plans and then...