Day 1 – Commentary

Conduct for best performance in chess

  1. Have a “can do” attitude
  2. Manage yourself for best result
    • Prepare for your game
    • Record your moves
    • Analyze your game
    • Input your game into the database using a digital format
  1. Be physically ready
    • Sleep and eat well
    • Drink water
    • Take bathroom breaks when needed
  1. Focus on your game
  • Stay at your board
  • Do not look at your friends games
  • Have a plan.
  • Use your time
  • Always be alert.
  • Look at your opponent’s move.
  • Make the best possible move.
  1. Use your creativity


Michael Basman – King of creativity


Michael Basman is an English International Master, who has made many contributions to the field of chess openings, and is particularly known for frequently choosing creative, bizarre or rarely played openings in his own games, including the St. George Defence (with which English Grandmaster Tony Miles once famously defeated the then World Champion Anatoly Karpov), the Grob (for Black and White) and also The Creepy Crawly, which is a3, then h3 followed by a quick c4.

Grandmaster Ray Keene once wrote, referring to Basman’s promotion of youth chess, “Michael Basman is in many ways the most important person in British chess.”