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Creative Design

SJIC Creative Design classes give students a strong foundation in the ways computers bring visual ideas to life. Movies are just the beginning, these skills are used in medical imaging, biology, architecture and any field that connects conceptual ideas with objects in the physical world. SJIC offer classes at all levels with advanced learning and open-ended work time sessions.

SJIC invites students to explore, discover and create. Skilled instructors coach kids of the fundamental principles of animation, including squash and stretch, follow-through and secondary action, along with teach techniques and methods used by professional animators using lighting, settings and camera angles.

The SJIC approach is one of individual and collaborative learning as we teach the workflow process from pre-rigged models to fully animated stories. Animation features such as automated walk-cycles, pose editing, non-linear (NLA) movement and sound are all covered. Students also learn to use rigging tools for painting, mirroring and more.

SJIC 3D Design classes teach students how to create 3D models and sculpt characters, machines and vehicles using complex modeling techniques. It starts with learning the fundamentals of character design and rigging then progresses to the development of original 3D props, set pieces and characters.

It\’s not all about the software, SJIC coaches children on how animation can be used to tell a story and key cinematography techniques used by professionals, such as lighting for atmosphere and emotion. It\’s also not only movies and cinema. The use of 3D Modeling is used across industries and it provides a crucial step between the ideas in our head and the objects in the physical world.

Creative Design News

Notes from 3D Drawing

Emphasizing two of the key elements of design- color and value, our Saturday art students are working on striking floral images with color pencils...

Workshop: 3D Printing – Feb 24th

Discover the fascinating design capabilities made possible with 3D printing. Students will learn the basic concepts of the 3D printing process and will use...

Notes from Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality development teams are working with their coach/instructors to complete their assigned game projects in time for the game’s unveiling at Open House...

Unity Character Design for Virtual Reality

Saturday creative design students are developing a Super Mario clone in a program called Unity. When it’s ready they’ll interface it with the Oculus...

Notes from 3D Drawing Class

Look what our young artists have created in only five 1-hour classes of 3D drawing!

Workshop: Video Editing – Rescheduled

POSTPONED AND RESCHEDULED FOR THE SPRING 2019... stay tuned!   Art of e-branding – Start your own YouTube Channel! Become the next YouTube sensation, capture awesome photos,...

Workshop: 3D Printing – Dec 8th

Create 3D design using Tinkercad! Today printing in color is no longer the craze - 3D printing has taken its place and not just for...

Notes from Camp: Blender 3D Designs

This week at Camp Innovation we used Blender to make our own creative designs. Then we printed out our models using Tinkercad. Our creativity...

Notes from Camp: Movie Making

We have a new appreciation for animated movies. Ours was about finding a dinosaur in the neighborhood and we did it all from writing...

Notes from Camp: 3D Drawing

We’ve gone from S.T.E.M to S.T.E.A.M. with the addition of Danielle’s 3D Drawing class. These artists are learning proportion, perspective and shading.