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Coding opens doors in all kinds of fields as it requires students to use creativity, think critically, analyze information and solve problems. SJIC offers programs at various levels that teach programming languages as well as important computer science concepts in a supportive and fun environment.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, two of the hottest topics in computing, enable computers to perform tasks people used to believe were only possible in fantasy worlds. Dive into this developing field using data sets, probability, statistics and more, with tools like Python to turn yesterday’s dreams into reality.

Age 10 +

Much of today’s world has moved online where people and businesses alike can express themselves through websites. This course will teach students a wide range of web development techniques suitable for full-stack development; that is, they will be introduced to both front-end and back-end technologies. Students will gain familiarity of languages such as: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and SQL.

Here at the SJIC, it’s not just about the software. In this course students will work through a project-based curriculum. For the final project, each student will build his/her own dynamic website to present content from their own area of interest / passion to provide value to the community and to make the world a better place.

This course will introduce students to the Python programming language. As students learn the fundamentals of game design they will acquire enhanced problem solving and critical thinking skills. Each student will be expected to complete a final project – a game of their own design.

In this coding adventure, aspiring innovators create fun animated stories and games while learning essential programming concepts with Scratch. Using sprites and blocks, this drag-and-drop platform developed by MIT sets a foundation of computational thinking—an essential skill in today’s tech-driven world—by using bright visuals and engaging design.

Create programs that you can see on your own smartphone

Ages 10+

Computers are incredibly powerful when we know how to use them, and even more so if we know how to create with them. From games to websites to mobile apps, computer programming lets people design the tools that we all work with every day.

We offer coding classes for beginners and advanced students. Beginner classes teach Scratch, and advanced students learn Python. By the end of the class, students will be able to create simple games and apps, and solve different kinds of challenges and puzzles. In addition to the programming languages themselves, students learn important computer science concepts and techniques, including algorithms, functions, and debugging, and also experience the bigger picture of where computers can take us, such as artificial intelligence and computer learning. Perhaps most importantly, we provide supportive and experienced teachers to help students develop their skills, and a space for students to try out their ideas and meet other kids with similar interests.

Computer programming is one of the most important skills in the job market right now, and becoming more important every day. Knowing how to code opens doors in all kinds of fields, not just computer science. From biology to foreign languages, computer programming gives you an advantage, and it trains your brain to think critically, to analyze information, and to problem solve – skills you will need no matter where you go in life.

Python is flexible and powerful and it was designed to be easy to understand and fun to use which explains its enormous popularity.

At SJIC, creativity is unleashed during Python classes as students develop games, animations and other graphical marvels. They learn to use fundamental data and control structures, such as lists, tuple, maps, loops and conditional statements plus draw shapes and patterns. Key skills in the organization and reuse of code with functions and modules is also taught.

Scratch is a free programming language and online community that allows you to program your own interactive stories, games, and animations — and share your creations with friends and family.

SJIC Scratch curriculum teaches core computational concepts, such as iteration and conditionals, along with an understanding of important mathematical concepts in a meaningful context. Students master the process of design from idea generation and prototype development through experimentation and debugging. By sharing with others, they gain experience with collaboration and learn to receive and accept feedback.

For more than two decades, Java has become one of the most frequently mentioned names in the world of programming languages and computing platforms. Fast, secure and reliable, it is used in the development of any number of applications and websites. Designed to be simple yet robust, high performing and portable, it is a coding tool that is a must as it is virtually everywhere.

SJIC approaches Java programming with a focus on student enrichment and engagement. Students are coached through a series of easy-to-follow modules, including project design, object-oriented programming, console applications and graphics – each key to the building process. Through the development of games, functional calculators and drawing programs, form layout and coding design is taught through practical examples.

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