Now Offering Virtual Classes!


SJIC camps offer new and exciting programs during all school breaks so your child can continue learning in a fun, STEMulating environment! Camp days include various programs, experiments, challenges, and guest speakers plus breaks of games of strategy and outdoor play to ensure each child is having fun and learning at the same time.

Virtual STEM Camp 2020!

Virtual Summer STEM Camp will be offered for four (4) weeks this summer and will be held from 9:00 am - 12:00 pm daily. Camps will be offered online through in keeping with state guidelines to keep our students and instructors safe and healthy at home!

Camp Offerings

Chess Camp

Chess offers a great balance for kids to learn and have fun at the same time. Camps will focus on fast-track chess strategy and decision making.

Shark Tank Camp

Awaken your child’s entrepreneurial spirit! Campers will work in teams to create and develop a products and services solution which they will pitch to peers and a small group of professionals at the end of the week.

Coding Camp (Scratch)

Using code blocks and characters campers will learn to create games and animated stories. Scratch uses a drag and drop interface and is an ideal way to learn coding fundamentals.

Coding Camp (Python)

Campers will learn to use flow control, define functions, and accept user input in Python to develop a series of progressively more challenging games.

Creative Design Camp (Blender)

Campers will learn the process of 3D modeling using Blender while creating a replica of the ancient greek temple the Parthenon.

Creative Design Camp (Web Design)

Using HTML and CSS campers will learn how to create dynamic and a visually-appealing website based on a topic of their choice.

*** All weeks of camp will include various brain games and challenges, broken up throughout the days! Campers will be exposed to brain teasers, logical puzzles, solvable games, hands on activities, fractals, Fibonacci numbers, and tessellation. Math and art will be connected while working on creative projects. Be ready for an adventure!


$200 per week

$175 for each additional family member or additional week of camp

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Camp Topic

Age Level

July 13 - 17

Chess Camp

Ages 6 - 14 (grouped by skill level)

July 20 - 24

Shark Tank Camp

Ages 10 - 14

August 3 - 7

Coding Camp (Scratch and Python)

Scratch, Ages 8-10 Python, Ages 10-14

August 10 -14

Creative Design Camp (Blender and Web Design)

Scratch, Ages 8-10 Python, Ages 10-14

*** All campers should have appropriate technology, a laptop or desktop is required as well as the software needed for each week.