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SJIC camps offer new and exciting programs during all school breaks so your child can continue learning in a fun, STEMulating environment! Camp days include various programs, experiments, challenges, and guest speakers plus breaks of games of strategy and outdoor play to ensure each child is having fun and learning at the same time.


See below for more info and a brief introduction to our day by day spring camp programs. Parents may register for individual days or the full week.


Come back soon for more details on our program itinerary! Until then scroll below to get a sense of the themes we will be exploring.

Spring Camp

Spring camp runs April 6th- April 10th from 9AM to 4PM every day!

$350 for the full week

$80 per day

Extended hour is available from 8-9 AM and 4-5 PM for an additional $10/ hour

Bring a Lunch!

Spring Camp Schedule


Aerospace Engineering

Explore the engineering behind various aircraft like drones, hot air balloons, and planes.

Flying Drones

Taking what we learned from earlier in the day we will carry out many tasks through flying drones


Engineering Projects

Learn the basics of physics and technology through building and programming activities

Mosaic Creations

Understand how to take various paper materials and apply them to a colorful mosaic! We will explore how light, color, and shapes can be used to create beautiful masterpieces to take home.


Spherobotics Exploration

Carry out various missions with the new Spherobot through building and coding projects.

Sustainable Art For The Future

How can we take recycled materials and transform them into interesting, eye catching artwork? Using art as a force for good can be learned as early as 6 years old!


Electrical Engineering

Design, build, and code gadgets using new and similar skills from mechanical and aerospace engineering projects.

Eye Tech Innovation

Learn from a guest speaker about the latest innovations happening in the eye tech industry! We will create our own Optical lens lab inside the center!


3-D Print Lab

Using 3-D printers and 3-D modeling softwares create products and watch as the print lab brings them to reality! Some students might choose to print objects for the next program!

Wearable Art

Create art that goes beyond just paint and paper! Wearable art might include jewelry, hats, shoelaces, or anything that might add style to our every day outfits.

Summer Camp

Summer camp runs June 29th - September 4th

$400 per week

Extended hour is available from 8-9 AM and 4-5 PM for an additional $10/ hour

Summer Camp - Register Early!

Register by May 31st and take $50 off!