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Drones at SJIC!

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This April, South Jersey Innovation Center (SJIC) will be offering a Spring Break Drone Camp. On top of this, we will be having a week of Drone Camp this summer. […]

Coding at SJIC!

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CODE – it’s everywhere around us. Video games, websites, robotic vacuum cleaners, 3D printers – anything automated really — need coding in order to work. It is the language of […]

STEM Fusion Class at SJIC

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At SJIC our staff loves everything and anything STEM related. They recognize the important role STEM plays in society today, especially because in the last few decades, careers in STEM […]

Grandmaster Alex Lenderman is Visiting SJIC

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If you have ever played a chess game before, you can attest to the difficulty of this thought-provoking game. Now, imagine playing two, three, or even ten chess games at […]