New Semester Classes!

A new decade has begun! 

Start the year right by enrolling in our Winter Semester classes. With new classes added to our curriculum, you can start the year fresh by expanding your knowledge about aerodynamics, mechanical projects, the stock market, and more!


Monday 5PM – 6PM

In this course, we’ll design and test a variety of aircrafts including balloons, planes, rockets, and drones. The aerodynamics class will end with an exciting drone obstacle course competition!

Robotics – Spherobots

Tuesday 6PM – 7PM

Sphero robot rocks, rolls, and lights its way through mazes and over obstacles. With a built-in LED matrix as well as speed and directional sensors, the BOLT will guide students through problem-solving while laying a foundation for real-world robotics.

This first level is geared toward younger students new to programming and robotics. The emphasis will initially be on problem solving and understanding how robots work. Students will use the Sphero Draw interface to complete challenges and to prepare for block based programming in Level 2 and script programming in Level 3.

Mechanical and Electrical Projects

Wednesday 7PM – 8PM

Electricity and mechanical engineering go hand in hand as students design and build a variety of projects that work.

Through the completion of hands-on activities and challenges, students are encouraged to be creative problem solvers, critical thinkers and masters of the engineering design process while exploring concepts and questions that may not be covered in traditional science classes. Instructors will guide students as they imagine, plan, design, create, and improve upon their solutions. The emphasis is on practicing with real world examples in a real world environment.

Robotics – Building with Sensors

Tuesday 5PM – 6PM

This robotics course pairs building with coding as we explore the various types of sensors and their functions in the real world. Students will build and program their robotic sensors to pay attention to their surroundings and ensure that their robot can successfully maneuver itself to carry out missions. This class will use logic, problem-solving and mathematics skills to think critically about the design of robots.

Stock Market Challenge

Thursday 5:30PM – 6:30PM

Do you want to become a millionaire? Financial literacy is the first step to your success. Become a Wall Street Warrior as you learn the fundamentals of business and investment. Each student enter the Stock Market Challenge and will begin with one million dollars to invest in stocks. The one to amass the largest fortune wins a prize.


Our standard classes:


Saturday 9:30AM – 10:30AM

Beginning coders learn the visual programming of stories, games, and animation. Using sprites and blocks, this drag-and-drop platform developed by MIT sets a foundation of compinking—an essential skill in today’s tech-driven world—by using bright visuals and engaging design.


Saturday 10:30AM – 11:30AM

This course will introduce students to the Python programming language. Using the groundwork of coding (“reusable code”, methods and variables) students will customize Python games to make them their own.

AI Learning

Saturday 12:45PM – 1:45PM

Learn the basics of Reinforcement Learning (RL) in AI. We’ll start with a few sample projects on AI learning to play video games. Then we’ll try RL with AWS Deep Racer autonomous car driving.

Virtual Reality – Unity

Saturday 11:30PM – 12:30PM

Join our design team and learn how to create and display virtual reality games using Unity.

Math – Grades 2 to 10


Semesters run from January 27th – March 16th, 2020