Instructor Highlight: Ardit Pranvoku

Ardit Pranvoku , a tutor at the South Jersey Innovation Center, has taught a variety of classes at the center for two years now. His classes have taught Scratch, Blender, Virtual Reality, and Python. Ardit has had an interest in STEM for most of his life, which branched out to his love for teaching. We interviewed Ardit to get to know him a little better.

What courses do you currently teach?


I currently teach Blender, VR (Virtual Reality), and Python. Blender is a 3D modeling and animation course where students are taught how to create 3-D objects such as chess pieces, super heroes, and pretty much anything they can think of. This is done by manipulating the objects vertices, edges and faces, using built-in tools. VR is a programming class where I help students create virtual reality games. In VR class we use Unity, which is a 3D engine that provides a virtual space for a virtual scene and players. Once the scene has been developed, we integrate VR headsets into the game to provide a virtual experience. Python is coding which is built with no environment, making it more difficult but gives you the flexibility of coding almost anything! In python we begin with basic coding fundamentals like conditionals and loops and work our way up to functions and classes to create a 2D space for a game.

What are you interested in on your own time?

Ardit: Coding has always been interesting to me because it’s a programming language which we can be used to create and manipulate technology to create bigger things. Otherwise I like designing and creating games and seeing people enjoy the challenge while using their creativity to beat them.

Outside of technology, I like rock climbing, playing chess, riding my bike, and traveling to new places.

Do you like and have any pets?

Ardit: I have a cat named Wayne. He likes to climb on my lap while I’m working and beg for food any chance he gets.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

Ardit: Cheesecake.

What’s one thing you would bring if you were stranded on an island?

Ardit: A tropical wilderness survival handbook.

If you won $100 million, what would you do?

Ardit: If I won $100 million dollars, I would donate $99 million and invest $1 million into an index fund.

And finally, how would you solve being stranded on Mars?

Ardit: I would wait for the next shuttle to pick me up. They would probably figure out that I went missing.