Abhimanyu Mishra Crowned the Youngest International Chess Master

On November 8th, 2019, Abhimanyu Mishra became the youngest international chess master at 10 years, nine months and three days old, beating the previous record of Praggnanandhaa Rameshbabu by just 17 days !

The SJIC proudly announces that Abhimanyu Mishra broke the world record being crowned as the youngest international master in history! Mishra has participated in several SJIC events, breaking the US record for the youngest master in history during a tournament in SJIC.   One of Abhi’s memorable matches was SJIC’s “Battle of the Ages” at age 9 in 2018 against our 79 year old, retired Physics professor, Dr. Leroy Dubeck at the Philadelphia / Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza.  SJIC is excited for the amazing progress he has made.

Based in New Jersey, Mishra has shown many exciting achievements as a young chess enthusiast. Starting at just the age of two, he began his journey to become the youngest chess master. Mishra’s father, Hemant, taught him how to play chess and Mishra has now overtaken his father in skill. Hemant explains that,

Referring to the previous world record holder, he continues “Praggnanandhaa is a world class player and it seemed almost impossible to break his record. I feel proud that Abhimanyu has managed to do that. It is a dream come true for the entire family. Abhimanyu has been working very hard for the past three years. In that process, he became the youngest Expert and Master in USA chess history as well. There have been many failures on the way but the whole team was determined to take on the challenge.”

Mishra’s previous achievements include winning silver medals in the 2017 Pan American Youth Championship in Costa Rica and the 2017 World Cadet U8 Championship in Brazil.

Mishra has worked diligently towards his goal of becoming the youngest grandmaster in history with a current rating of 2396. Currently, the record holder of the youngest Grandmaster is Sergey Karjakin of Ukraine. Karjakin achieved the title at only 12 years, and 7 months old in 2002. Abhimanyu Mishra has one year and 10 months to beat the world record!