Chess Match: Battle of the Ages!

What a match!

Battle of the Ages Summary between 79 y.o. Patriarch of So NJ Chess, Dr. Leroy Dubeck and 9 y.o. youngest National Master Abhi Mishra. In spite of their minor age difference, the two players used a similar style of play in this duel of two 5-minutes blitz games. Dr. Dubeck and Abhi Mishra play in a non-compromising dynamic and aggressive style and the crowd was pleased by this exciting play.

Game 1: Abhi is White against Dr. Dubeck’s favorite Sicilian Najdorf defense. Abhi is gaining space on the king’s side, Dr. Dubeck counters on the queenside. Surprisingly, Abhi sees an opportunity on the queenside, grabs a pawn as the clock is ticking down to the last seconds. The pawn is advancing towards promotion and Black resigns 1-0 to Abhi.

Game 2: Another Sicilian and Dr. Dubeck opts for the Alapin variation. Everything seems good for Abhi in the center. Dr. Dubeck launches an attack on Abhi’s king and even sacrifices a piece. Abhi defends but miscalculates in the endgame where Dr. Dubeck checkmates him with less than 10 seconds remaining on the clock. 1-1 and we are going to NJ style Armageddon tiebreakers.

Game 3: Dr. Dubeck wins the toss. He has the White pieces but must win the game to win the “Battle of the Ages” match. The game starts again as an Sicilian Alapin. Dr. Dubeck mixes things up and gains a dynamic advantage. The advantage grows to a large material advantage. Can Dr. Dubeck cruise to a win? Abhi responds with a ferocious “hail Mary” attact, which took Dr. Dubeck by surprise. Dr. Dubeck misses a move and his King is taken. Match 2:1 to Abhi.

A big thank you to Dr. Dubeck and Abhi for such an exciting match!