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Preparing students for the 21st century…

Curiosity peaks when children are faced with using everyday materials to solve real world problems. Today, the field of robotics is booming and not for gaming alone. Cars, smartphones and thermostats at home are just some of the items we use without even thinking of their ties to robotics and mechanical engineering. At SJIC, children are introduced to new challenges in robot building that encourages problem solving and collaboration in an interactive learning framework that encourages and exploration. Creative problem-solving and unique STEM skills are at the core as students participate in challenging activities that foster a love of science, technology and engineering.

Ages 8+ – Thursdays – 6:00pm

Fun, hands on and stimulating – all key words used to describe robotics. At SJIC, this course introduces students to programming logic and reasoning using robotics engineering concepts and context. Using the LEGO EV3 platform, students learn core programming skills and utilize that knowledge to complete activities based in real world robot uses. This includes the basics of designing, programming, and controlling a fully functional robot.

Throughout the lessons, students are coached with mini-challenges and self-assessments as they build toward the final challenge. They brainstorm, plan, test and modify sequences of instructions to accomplish a given task. The SJIC approach incorporates introductory programming and robotics concepts taught to in pursuit of the solution and thus demonstrate a mastery of the core skills needed to advance.

For those who have experience in robotics, they know there are never enough challenges. The SJIC advanced program is a logical next step in skill development. Classes involve a higher level, goal-oriented challenges through engineering process. Instructors coach students as they devise and experiment with algorithms to solve a set of problems.

Through open exploration, students learn robotics concepts, including sensors and coding, while allowing them students to independently apply their newly learned ideas. Class projects are designed to incorporate rapidly growing areas such as autonomous vehicles, bionics, environmentally friendly tasks, medical robotics, space or ocean rovers and disaster situations. SJIC also focuses non-technical skills in terms of presentation skills, teamwork and perseverance.