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Preparing students for the 21st century…

Animation classes are a great way to engage a student who thinks of himself as more creative than technology minded. These sorts of skills are useful in much more than traditional fields such as designing computer games or making animated films. Artistic careers are requiring more and more technology, from graphic design to photography, and even traditional fine arts. These classes give students a strong foundation to explore the ways that computers can help us take our visual ideas and bring them out into the world.

Animation and 3D modeling are where computers and art meet, with both playful and practical results. If you’ve ever seen a Pixar film and compared it to a Looney Tunes show, you know just how far animation has come. But movies are just the beginning of what animation and 3D modeling can do. From medical imaging to remote tours of historic locations, animation and 3D modeling lets us see things we otherwise never could. 3D modeling provides a crucial step between the ideas in our head and the objects in the physical world.